Our History

First Baptist Church of Vienna (FBCV), founded in 1867, is the first and oldest church in Vienna, Virginia, founded by several African Americans working on a Vienna farm owned by Major O.E. Hine. Seeing their desire to hold religious services, in August 1867, Major Hine, who had served in the Union Army, said that he would provide a small plot of land in Vienna for education and religious purposes. On September 1, 1867, Major Hine presented a deed to the first trustees: George McBrown, Daniel West, and Edmund Harris, by O.E. Hine and Alma D. Hine for the sum of one dollar. They trusted that God would also aid them in getting a building. 

With the efforts of Major Hine, they succeeded in acquiring lumber through the Freedman’s Bureau from a Civil War barracks which was being demolished. The first building was erected at 315 Lawyers Road in 1867, which served as a school, as well as a meeting place for religious and civic gatherings. The Reverend Cyrus Carter served as the first pastor of the church, and was succeeded by Reverend Alexander Henderson. Following Rev. Henderson, the church was under the pastorate of the Reverends Henry Marshall, A. Tilghman, Eli Blackwell, John Prior, James Scott, A. Davis, Joseph Matthews, Sheridan Carter, Edward Thomas, James E. Douglas, Abraham Whigham, Nolan Williams, Glenwood Roane, Enoch Butler, and Kenny Smith. In 2014, First Baptist Church of Vienna elected Dr. Vernon C. Walton as its Senior Pastor.

Over 50 years ago, the congregation moved to the current location at 450 Orchard Street NW. In 1996, the edifice was expanded to accommodate the church’s focus on Christian worship, missionary activities, evangelism, community service and Christian education. FBCV, a missionary Baptist Church, is a paradigm for how the church can positively influence both the local and international community. At FBCV, the praises go up and the blessings continue to come down.

First Baptist has continued to be a paradigm for how the church can positively influence both the local and international community. Working with area churches, First Baptist raised over $28,000 for Tsunami relief in Asia and Africa; contributed over $53,000 to the Community Coalition for Haiti for Haiti earthquake relief; donated 1000 bottles of vitamins to a hospital in Haiti; and contributed $5000 to build a college in Zimbabwe, East Africa.

God has provided a strong foundation upon which we are called to build and expand his kingdom on earth. In the coming years, as First Baptist Church moves from good to great, we know that, as a congregation of believers, we are still under construction. Today, FBCV has a growing membership with active ministries that provide service, support, fellowship and outreach that extend far beyond the congregation to the international community.

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