A common question in ministry selection is: How do I identify the ministry for which I am best suited?
If you are unsure of which ministry is a good match, pray for discernment and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  The FBCV Christian Education Council is available for assistance in identifying and applying your spiritual gifts for ministry. There is room for everyone to serve. 
If a ministry is currently hosting events, its icon below will be clickable and will redirect you to the respective ministry page with more information.
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– Children’s Church: Provides a fun and loving environment for children to learn biblical stories, principles and Christian disciplines while preparing them to participate in the adult worship service through Bible lessons, Christian orientated movies and a participation that is parallel to adult worship.
– Church Office Volunteers: 
To help extend the ministry of the church staff by helping with routine office duties on an as needed basis. 
– Discipleship Training Programs:
 To assist members and non-members to become more committed to Christ, and a way for members and non-members to grow spiritually as you focus on what it means to be a disciple of Christ.  This program is a component of the Christian Education Council.
– Married Couples Ministry:
 To enrich and strengthen married couples thereby empowering them to make disciples of others.