A common question in ministry selection is:

How do I identify the ministry for which I am best suited?

If you are unsure of which ministry is a good match, pray for discernment and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  The FBCV Christian Education Council is available for assistance in identifying and applying your spiritual gifts for ministry.
There is room for everyone to serve.
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Children’s Church

MissionProvides a fun and loving environment for children to learn biblical stories, principles and Christian disciplines while preparing them to participate in the adult worship service through Bible lessons, Christian orientated movies and a participation that is parallel to adult worship.


Church Office Volunteers


To help extend the ministry of the church staff by helping with routine office duties on an as needed basis. 

Discipleship Training Programs


 To assist members and non-members to become more committed to Christ, and a way for members and non-members to grow spiritually as you focus on what it means to be a disciple of Christ.  This program is a component of the Christian Education Council.


Education Enrichment

Mission: To provide an environment where members and non-members may obtain academic excellence through teaching, modeling and mentoring.

Greeters Ministry

International Connections Ministry


To celebrate and worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through our diverse cultural heritage.

Married Couples Ministry


  To enrich and strengthen married couples thereby empowering them to make disciples of others.


SWAP (Seniors with a Purpose)      Mission: To provide a holistic ministry for the senior saints within our congregation and community.

Trustee Ministry


 To be responsible stewards of the financial resources and physical properties of the church so that we can be used to fulfill the Great Commission.

Usher Ministry


  To serve as vessels of Christ to demonstrate that Jesus is the light of the world and to raise the spiritual, moral, and social awareness of the church body.

Vacation Bible School


 To encourage students to stay connected to their Savior in a fun a stimulating intensive study.

Website Ministry


To provide technical support and maintain the FBCV website.  To help people grow spiritually by providing resources and encouragement.  In addition the ministry provides members with information about activities at First Baptist and assists people looking for a church.

Women’s Ministry:


To provide spiritual support and growth for all women of First Baptist Church of Vienna through prayer, worship, bible study, missions and fellowship.

Worship & Arts Ministry

Worship & Arts Ministry Photo Gallery

Young Adult Ministry (YAM)

Young Disciples of Christ (YDOC):


  Empowering an equipping young people to be true disciples of Christ by providing a real and relevant holistic christian education experience through a variety of wholesome activities designed to enhance their spiritual growth.