Cle crop 2Rev. Dr. Clevester Hawkins, Assistant Pastor

Dr. Clevester Hawkins has exhibited a passion for Christian education, leadership development, discipleship and evangelism throughout his adult life. Currently, he is assistant pastor at First Baptist Church of Vienna, Virginia where he has served for nine years.

Dr. Hawkins received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Education and Biblical Studies from Grace College of the Bible in Omaha, NE; he obtained his Master of Arts degree in Biblical studies from Grace University and earned his Doctorate of Ministry degree from Sioux Fall Seminary in Sioux Falls, SD. Beginning as faculty member, in 2002, of the Northern Virginia Baptist Association’s Congress of Christian Education, by 2004, Dr. Hawkins was Assistant Dean of this educational organization. 

Dr. Hawkins has always been involved in spiritual education from serving as president and dean of the Nebraska State Congress of Christian Education, adjunct professor of Bible at Grace University, and a faculty member at American Baptist Seminary Extension School in Omaha, NE.

In 2005, Dr. Hawkins was called to serve as Assistant Pastor of First Baptist Church of Vienna, VA under the leadership of Reverend Dr. Kenny Smith. At First Baptist, he has diligently served as Co-Dean and faculty member of the Evans-Smith Leadership Training Institute, and took leadership of the church when in transition of looking for a new senior pastor.

Not only is he a renowned educator but also founder of Teach-the-Word Ministry, LLC and author of Scratch Where They Itch: A Model for Enhancing Christian Ministry Participation in 2011.

Rev. Dr. Clevester Hawkins is married to Dorris Hawkins and father of three children: Rev. Dwayne Hawkins, Rev. Yvonne Hawkins and Veronica Hawkins Williams.