10-10-10 Challenge

Stewardship: it’s a word that most believers have heard often, especially if they are engaged with a local church body. Generally, stewardship is used in connection with finances and material possessions. But God wants us to be good stewards of all that He has blessed us with. That includes not only our finances, but also our time and talents.

The FBCV 10-10-10 Challenge will give each of us an opportunity to intentionally focus on these areas and uncover ways to strengthen and deepen our commitment to the Lord. From Jan. 15 through April 15 we will look at how we use our Time, Talent and Treasures, and prayerfully uncover ways to move from wherever we are to the next level. This journey will require us to create priorities, to trust God with everything that we have and to be obedient to the word of God. In the end, our diligent efforts will result in a more disciplined lifestyle that will allow us to be better disciples.

Let’s take a closer look at these three pillars of stewardship:

Time: There are so many demands on our time today, making life far more hectic than it needs to be. Most of the activities consuming our time are Good Things, but even so, too many distractions does not allow us to take time for the Best Things. God wants us to use our time to serve others and to study His word. How would your life look if you gave God the First Fruits of your time? If you made meditation and study an integral part of your day, rather than something crammed in – or worse – not included at all. Would you feel calmer, more in control? Here’s our 10-10- 10 Challenge guarantee: if you make time for God, He’ll make time for

TalentsGod expects us to use the gifts and talents that he has given to us in a way that glorifies Him. If you have not discovered what your gift is or how you should best use it, start with prayer. Ask God what he has for you in this area. Then come to the FBCV Ministry Fair on January 21st to get plugged in to a ministry here at First that can use your gifts and talents.

TreasureEverything we have is a gift from God. His instructions to bring the First Fruits and minimally, one-tenth of our income, are part of His plan to care for those less fortunate and ensure that resources are available to support local churches and global missions. Our gratitude for all He has done should inspire us to give generously. Acknowledging that it is all His helps us to cheerfully give, as we are commanded.